Corinna A.S. Borchert

awareness / embodiment / inner leadership

It touches deep joy connecting people with their inner glow, their inner guidance. It is a gift and present to accompany you home, quiet and alive, where the healing in an awake body is connected with the soul and the great ever changing magic of being.


individual sessions, group intensives and trainings within the divine leadership academy - in person and online

Body awareness, emotional body intelligence and systemic context enable a more complete experience and understanding from which clear thinking and action can rise. Growing body awareness - a return into the body - allows more health, being in touch and inner guidance. To arrive IN ourself is a physical, emotional and spiritual journey to become more free and creative again.

I am guiding through individual sessions with process and solution orientated systemic bodywork, awareness training, constellation work and the understanding of psychosomatic context.
Leading group seminars and trainings for personal growth, bodywisdom and inner leadership for more community understanding, aware leadership and organizational development.

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systemic bodywork

Do you have physical discomfort, pain, anxiety or repeating situations?
Do you want to change living conditions and gain more clarity and inner connection to yourself? 
Do you want to become more aware of your body wisdom and healing power though being and learning in your body?
Rising body awareness gives uns more health and supports us to find our own (way) and be.

Your body is your home.

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constellation work

Do you lack understanding, connection and freedom within and with certain people?
Are you in situations and projects and wish for more healing, pacifying and clarifying movement?
System constellations show deeper and internal phenomena, connections and solutions. Through feeling, perceiving and recognizing, they can be integrated and move into place, so that the released energy becomes life force again.

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constellation work for your project

Guidance and systemic constellation work for your company, group and organization to support the development, clarification and visioning of your projects.

I love accompanying people
into their own creative healing life force.
What a gift when love and inner glow grows in us
and is bringing peace into the world.

"Thank you for today. I slept 2 hours after our session and I can feel in my body how big and powerful the work that we do together is. I feel very lucky to be able to have these sessions at my age and gain such an insight into everything."  26, TV producer


"Corinna‘s treatments are unparalleled to any other type of healthcare practitioner, be it osteopath, physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, or any of the western medical doctors I‘ve ever visited. Corinna resolved my chronic back pain issue, and over the years, any discomfort or pain always disappeared within days of her treatment. Her method is unique and the most effective that I’ve found on two continents."   45, Sales Manager


"Corinna supported me to integrate my head, heart and mind as separate parts that had been pulling me in different directions, causing confusion and endless headaches. The constellation she facilitated brought me much deeper into my body, to acknowledge the needs, desires and physiological rhythm of these different parts. Since then I have been able to make choices with greater ease and feel more balance in my life and path."  31, Dancer

Development of relationship skills starting within
Integration of female and male awareness
development of emotional body intelligence
Successful sustainable leadership
Organizational development
Personal development
Art of creativity
Art of being
KÖRPER.WEISE * bodywork intensive course
König und Königin sein * systemic intensive course
SOMA.WISE * Masterclass * Inner leadership for spiritually grounded leadership
Retreats -the divine gold
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female and male awareness within

sexuality - life force
pregnancy and before and after childbirth
birth processing

I also recommend warmly to contact me for:
clarification for or against abortion and for healing and integration of the loss of children.

healing * integration * female wisdom


MENTOR - Guidance into Inner Leadership
constellation work - systemic bodywork
Lead of divine Leadership academy
Remembrance - Development - retreats



Dunckerstr. 17  -  2 nd house
10437 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

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