awareness * embodiment * leadership


„Body awareness, emotional body intelligence and systemic context enable a more complete experience, understanding and connection, from which clear thinking and action can rise. Growing body awareness – a return into the body – allows more being in touch, trust and health. To arrive IN ourself is a physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

Guiding in individual sessions with process orientated systemic bodywork and constellation work.
Leading group seminars for personal growth, community understanding, aware leadership and organizational development.

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constellation work

If aspects are missing to reach an understanding and connection, systemic constellation work is a way to explore these levels and invites the awareness of missing parts. By perceiving, experiencing and accepting also the separated parts, space and movement are created again. Blockages and repetitions can be released in the system and in life.

The released energy becomes life force.

constellation work for your project

Guidance and systemic constellation work for your company, group and organization to support the development, clarification and visioning of your projects.

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systemic bodywork

Physical discomfort, pain, anxiety or repeating situations,
living conditions in which you want clarity and more connection to yourself,
you can become more aware of and change though being and learning in your body.
Rising body awareness gives uns more health and supports us to find our own (way).

Your body is your home.


Development of relationship skills
Integration of emotional body intelligence
Personality development within the community
Leadership development
Organizational development
Community education

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Money and shame

Weekend seminar series in 3 parts in Berlin
in collaboration with Susanne Brian

April 25-26, 2020 (NOW ONLINE)
June 20-21, 2020
3rd - 4th October 2020



IKIGAI and constellation work

Find your purpose! and deeper connection with it.

Day seminar NOW ONLINE

in collaboration with Thomas Dönnebrink


Tuesday, 05.05.2020 * 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
10 people
Contribution: 80 Euros per person.

Discounts for simultaneous registration of more than one person: for 2 persons = 150€, for 3 persons = 200€, for 4 persons = 250€ and for 5 persons = 300€.


Sail and be

A trip to the source. Who am I.
A space to BE with recurring silence, alignment and accompaniment.
Arrive, reflect and explore what is, alone and together.
6 nights, 6 women and 6 elements.
We live on a sailboat on Lake Constance.
Our companions are transition rituals, meditation, vegan food, cooking, singing, queen cards, sailing, bathing and listening in being.
For 4 women on the boat Walros. No knowledge of sailing is necessary.

Birgit Frank (Kapitana) and Corinna Borchert are holding course.

Sun. August 2 - Saturday August 8, 2020
Start and return at the jetty: Camping Schloss Helmsdorf near Immenstadt - Lake Constance


changing earth  *  Erde im Wandel

Research format on the topic of change.
to join your group, community, festival, supposium around the topic of changes and deeper understanding of it.

With systemic-somatic tools we explore the world of change, crises, beauty and movement in environmental change, social change and inner change. We experience the qualities of connections, relations and realities and perceive separations and integration. This SENSING THE CHANGE can result in clear, connected and sustainable thinking and acting. A thematic space for people, society, the environment, health and awareness.

women's health

wishing more understanding, intergation, changes and love with topics like

puberty, the changes and challenges
period pain, PMS, missing periods
sexuality and libido and fertility
menopause, the changes and challenges

a mother and meeting this journey of deep learning

pregnancy and childbirth as a journey of perception
birth processing

I recommend also warmly to contact me for:
clarification for or against abortion, the healing and processing
and with integration of the loss of children.


constellation work
seminars & creativity
systemic bodywork

phone: +49 179 138 97 74


Dunckerstr. 17  –  2 nd house
10437 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

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